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The mascot is back!

02/7/2004 - DUAL CROSSBOWS! The arrival of the Spitfire has brought a new type of ranged weapon, the dual crossbow! This crossbow needs to be cocked twice and loaded twice but you're able to fire off two sequential shots! For those of you who carry around two heavy crossbows for quick firing, you're definitely going to want to try and get your hands on one of those. Auction prices are ranging from 7-36 million silvers.

12/2/2003 - GS4 UPDATE! I have updated the site with new Gemstone IV information. If you think anything should be added or if any of the information is incorrect, please let me know by sending e-mail to

4/13/2003 - NEW ELEMENTAL BOW! Today at the charity auction, Uska auctioned off a brand new elemental bow for 30 million silvers. Its description is a blue frost-flecked bow. This particular elemental bow happens to have a +25 enchant that increases with ranger spell ranks known, and obviously flares cold.

It's loresong is: The noise and light fades around you. Blinking your eyes you find yourself among an armed and armored group of Sylvankind, many sporting wounds and bandages. All around the sounds of heavy fighting filters in from among the trees. Screams and cries of things only dreamt of in nightmares can be heard coming from the edges of the encircled position the Sylvans hold. The leader of the band, an arrow protruding from the shoulder, gives an unheard command and her retainers begin stripping off the most powerful of their artifacts. Once shorn of the items they wrap them in cloth and place them in a chest. The chest is then lowered into a hole dug beneath a massive oak's roots and covered with loamy earth. The sole remaining cleric in the group blesses the ground to hide the cache from the unholy. The leader of the band gives a curt nod and the group with you among them draw their remaining weapons and charge one last time into the forest. Suddenly feeling a sharp pain, you see a feathered shaft has sprouted from your chest. With a final scream you collapse and everything around you goes black.

2/14/2003 - BIG NEWS! I can't believe they did it, but every single bow in all Elanthia is now wearable! This is so incredible I'm doing cartwheels while I type this!


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